Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Splurge or Save?

I believe I've already expressed how I am obsessed with getting my hands on a pair of Jenni Kayne d'orsay flats. Ever since then I've seen a bunch of copy cat pairs. So here is the ultimate question, should one splurge? Or save? Check out the real and fake versions below- what do you think?

Jenni Kayne flats here for $495

Chinese Laundry imitation here for $55 plus 50% off

Of course this pair is the real pair I covet and would LOVE to have!! Isn't it gorgeous?!

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  1. Wow they pretty much look the exact same, love these shoes sooo much, they are super chic! If you think you'll wear them a lot I would spend the money because the quality will probably better with the Jenni Kayne ones as well as lasting longer but either are perfect :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. Agreed, I feel as tho if I do plan on wearing them as a go-to flat, I should save up for the pair I really love!

  2. I got a great pair of faux suede ones at Forever21. I can't find them on the site, but they might be in your local store. They look a lot like the Jenni Kayne's but at a price that makes sense for a trend!

    1. I'll definitely have to stop by and see! Thanks for the tip ;)