Sunday, July 31, 2011


Good news!

My computer is back, working and updated! Expect posts regularly now even though I will be on vacation for two weeks. First stop is Lake Tahoe where I can finally show off some warm weather and beach looks regularly. After that I'll be visiting my family in LA.

First topic now that I'm back is that I finally received this ring I ordered a couple of weeks ago. I'm so happy with it! I definitely recommend the Etsy seller I bought it from if you are interested in attaining a larimar piece. And I think everyone should own a piece. It is a rare gemstone with a great history that only comes from one part of the world.

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Friday, July 29, 2011


Posting will be light over the next few days as my computer has decided to throw a tantrum. Hopefully it will be squared away by the end of the weekend. Wish me and the computer luck!!! Pin It

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orange Crush

I trekked out to Union Square yesterday with a friend for some coffee, shopping, and catching up. I love to sit out in the plaza and people watch when it is nice out. You see some very interesting characters that make this city what it is.

Blouse: L.A.M.B. Skirt: Anthropologie. Boots: Corso Como. Bag: Schuler & Sons. Sunglasses: Ray Ban

This is my hipster picture :)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Closet Essentials

I know that in some places it seems like it is too soon to think of Fall wardrobe essentials, but in San Francisco the weather is being so bi-polar it's not a bad idea to be prepared. While I long for and crave warm sunny days on a consistent level so I can wear all of my sun dresses and skirts out without tights, sweaters and jackets, the idea of Fall layering is also something that has been on my mind as of late. It must have to do with all the catalogs, window displays, and lust worthy fall items I've been seeing lately.
In my current state of Fall craze, I noticed that while my closet is well stocked in clothes to keep me warm (let's face it my closet is well stocked, period, and I shouldn't buy anymore), I do see a few items that I do think would be essential for this upcoming season. They are classics that I have been missing for quite a while due to my impulsive shopping nature, and lack of funds to support it. So I vowed to set aside money and save to buy one item from each category that will take me from season to season, and year to year.

1) A leather jacket: I have a suede jacket which I love, but I haven't had a good leather jacket in years, and I've been missing the ease of just throwing one on and looking put together and edgy at the same time. I'd prefer and black or rich chocolate brown color with just enough edge that keeps the jacket modern, but timeless at the same time.

2) A classic camel toned wool coat: I have a few warm coats but they are all patterned and can't be thrown over just any outfit. I used to have a black wool coat, but I want to steer away from black as a neutral and go to camel instead.

3) Cape: As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have been looking for a cape for a long time. I love them. They are different than just a coat, and bring a certain vintage feel to any outfit. The problem is I haven't found one that fits my frame- they are either too overwhelming, or just not big enough.
This one is great because it combines capes with camel. I can knock two birds down with one...coat...

4) An oxford-esque heel: Ok so this maybe isn't an essential as much as it is a craving, BUT how perfect are these for a complete fall look??? I prefer burgundy, it's just different and richer than black or brown. Maybe I'm just going for a classy, sexy librarian look with these, but for some reason when I think fall clothes I think of a trendy librarian leaving a old brick library. Can't pinpoint why, but it makes sense, right?

Another item on this list was a trench coat, but I already picked the perfect one up. I'll post pictures of it as soon as I wear it out!
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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Toast to Friends

On Saturday I met with a good friend I had not seen in what seems like half a year. Since graduating college and moving separate ways it becomes harder to keep in touch with the people you used to see and talk to on almost a daily basis, so meeting with him was quite the treat, even if it was for a couple of hours. We went to Trouble Coffee in the Outer Sunset and caught up with each other over coffee and their sinfully delicious toast. He is currently working on his own feature film, "Middle of Nowhere" that you can check out here, which is fantastic and I wish him all the success he deserves.
He also snapped a few pics of my outfit using his fancy camera (below). Staying true to San Francisco summer, the weather has once again turned a bit dreary. I decided to brighten it up with a mustard sweater paired with a purple patterned scarf. I love mixing these two colors together for Spring, Summer, and Fall. I also wore my brand new boots, which are proving to be perfect for everyday wear.

Jacket: H&M. Sweater: Forever21. Jeans: Gap. Scarf: World Market. Boots: Rebel Luxury(Nordstrom). Bag: Schuler & Sons. Peacock Necklace: Therapy SF. Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Photo Credit: Ferguson Sauve-Rogan
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Something New

I KNOW that I said I was banning myself from shopping but that didn't quite work out. Upon seeing these boots on Anthropologie's website I fell in love. The price on the other hand I did not fall in love with. I, however, did end up with these boots yesterday. How you ask...?

Nordstrom's Anniversary sale! They were marked for nearly $100 off Anthro's price, and since the sale ends soon I bit the bullet and went for it. I am in love with them. They have the perfect heel height, and the perfect amount of edge. They have a steam-punk vibe to them, which I am all for.

Shop these boots here at Nordstrom's, or here on at a price still cheaper than Anthropologie's.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Spotted to the Max

This is one of my favorite dresses to wear in warm weather. The best part is I found this at Anthro on super sale ($19)!

Dress and Belt: Anthropologie. Peacock Necklace: Therapy SF. Shoes: Miss Albright. Sunglasses: Ray ban

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Color me Gypsy

I love midi skirts, especially in vibrant patterns. They are perfect for dressing up or down. They are cool, casual, sharp, and sexy. This skirt is one I bought at Pretty Penny before the weather even warmed up. It's a go to whenever I travel to LA because the weather is always warmer there, but when SF warms up I like to bring this skirt out of the closet as well. This morning it was named the gypsy skirt.

Blouse: Forever21. Skirt: Thrifted. Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Modern Vintage. Necklace: Melrose(LA) Flea Market. Cuff: Gifted. Bag: Schuler & Sons. Sunglasses: Ray ban

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sun & Sand

The sun is out and the heat is rising so me and my boyfriend escaped the city for a few hours and went south on the 1 to this beautiful beach.

Beach Essentials: Towel, Sunglasses, hat, water, a book to read, and sandals.

Dress: Nordstrom. Hat: World Market. Sunglasses: Ray ban. Sandals: Sam Edelman

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Funday

After a grueling 8 hour brunch shift at work on Sunday, I didn't really feel like going home to take a nap and wind down like I usually do, so I met up with my friend Justine to take advantage of the surprising and sporadic nice weather in the Marina. After walking around and window shopping (I was a good girl) we decided to eat dinner at Mamacita. Dinner was amazing! It consisted of chips & guacamole, a jicama salad which tasted even better than it looked (wish I took a picture), carne asada tacos (pic below) and a baked chocolate pudding dessert (which was also amazing and eaten before taking a picture).

Me and Justine- matching outfits not on purpose!

Photo by Justine
Blouse: Anthropologie. Jacket: Banana Republic. Trousers: Zara. Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell. Hat: H&M. Belt: F21. Necklace: vintage. Bag: Schuler & Sons. Scarf: World Market.

Once I got home I did a little more "window shopping" online and bought this. Larimar is one of my favorite gemstones and I have a few pieces. It's a very rare and very unique stone that reminds me of pools of blue water. Look it up- it's beautiful!

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Monday, July 18, 2011


Thanks again FabSugar!

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When Harry Met Sally and Shabu Dinner

This past Saturday was my first Saturday night off in a very long time. It was refreshing to be able to enjoy dinner and a movie with friends, and although I did have a curfew due to work early the next morning, I took full advantage of the time I did have and we did dinner and a movie right!

Our first stop was Shabu Pub, which was an experience. The food was great, the service was mediocre, and the process was...interesting... For those of you who aren't familiar with Shabu, it's a type of dining where you cook your own food in a pot of boiling broth at your table. We shared short rib and combo (rib-eye, short-rib, and lamb) plates with spicy miso broth, and after a few minor burns and spills we left with our mouths on fire (in an enjoyable way, for the most part) and our bellies full.

The meal came with a plate of meat along with a bowl of veggies, tofu, and noodles. The above picture is the end result.

After the meal we headed to Union Square where they were playing When Harry Met Sally on a big screen in the middle of the plaza. Though the night was cold and misty we sat down with warm Starbucks beverages and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the view.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cropped and Casual

I appreciate the growing trend of wearing cropped tops. I, however, think that this is a trend you have to treat with care, because it can be executed in a not so great manner. Remember the 90's?

I love pairing these tops with the obvious high waisted bottoms, but I also think that cropped tops are a great layering piece that can help you play with the dimensions of your outfit.

Sweater, Blouse and Belt: Anthropologie. Jeans: Zara. Bag: Schuler & Sons. Shoes: Miss Albright (Anthro). Neckalce: World Market. Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casual Cocktail

Some of my favorite pieces of clothing that I own include a few cocktail dresses that are a little more fancy than your every day dress. But if you are going to shell out a ton of money for a dress you bought for one occasion, isn't it a waste in the end? I like to get more bang for my buck- so I experiment with other pieces in my wardrobe to make my cocktail dresses more everyday appropriate.

The dress I am wearing below is the dress I bought for my 22nd birthday that was held at a fancy bar & lounge in the Financial District of San Francisco. I love this dress to pieces so why not wear it out and about during the day? A casual jacket does the trick.

Dress: Tibi. Jacket: Anthropologie. Shoes and Bag: Schuler & Sons. Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Tights: H&M

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