Monday, October 31, 2011

Tough Girl Sparkle

Happy Halloween! I didn't celebrate :( Did you???

Sequins and sparkle are back with a vengeance, and what perfect timing since the holiday season is around the corner?! I personally am glad that this trend is catching on big time. It's the perfect way to just take an outfit to the next level. The skirt I'm wearing I initially bought thinking it would be perfect for upcoming nights out, and even more perfect for New Years, but I also wanted to integrate it into my daily wardrobe. I decided that the best way to do this was to pair it with tough girl boots and a slouchy sweater. The juxtaposition of the sequins in the nature heavy environment in the photos is also something I really like.

Sweater: H&M. Skirt: Banana Republic. Socks: H&M. Boots: Sam Edelman (TJ Maxx $20!!). Necklace & Octopus Cuff : Gifted. Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bag: H&M

That's me being a plant, btw.
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Review

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! The beautiful weather gave me the motivation to be out and about the entire weekend so here are a few snapshots!

Iced coffees to cool off, and new boots to take the city on with.

Cardigan: UO. Tank: Forever 21. Skirt: Target. Boots: Sam Edelman. Necklace: Gifted. Bag: H&M. Sunglasses: Ray Ban.

Conservatory of Flowers during a Golden Gate Park adventure.

Brunch at Tartine. Seasonal Fruit Bread Pudding and Chocolate Walnut cookie. Spicy Turkey Sandwich not shown.

How was everyone's weekend? What did you all do?
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Holding on to Summer

It's sunny and warm-ish today, so I'm clinging on to the last bit of Summer left before I truly have to break out all my cold weather attire. I remember this time last year it had already started hitting the high fifties and storming so we are lucky to see some more sunshine right now.

Trench: H&M. Sweater: Nordstrom Rack. Shorts & Belt: Anthropologie. Shoes: Calvin Klein. Sunglasses: Vintage. Necklace: Gifted. Bag: Lucky Penny

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Product Review: Lush Love Lettuce

So something you guys may not know about me is that I'm kind of a product junky. I like to try new products regularly for skincare and hair care, and while I mainly stick to old favorites, adding new products helps change up the routine, and maybe leads to new favorites. I've decided that I should share my product adventures with all of you guys.

First up for this series is Love Lettuce by Lush.

This is the first product I have used by Lush. I've known about this store for 10+ years. I've even walked in a few times but have never committed to buying anything. There's no real reason for this other than I just haven't. Lately I've been wanting to convert to using more natural products, and last Sunday while shopping with my mom I decided to go in with her to buy something super hydrating for my hair. I did walk out with something for that (review to come later), but I also walked out with this face mask. I thought it would be fun to do with my mom on her last night here, and for under seven bucks, why not?

The product boasts the use of honey as a main ingredient along with almonds, seaweed, and lavender oil. It's supposed to be super cleansing and hydrating all while balancing an oily T-Zone. It's a thick texture that's green, and actually does not contain any lettuce like the name says.

Final verdict? I absolutely love this mask! It's fresh so you have to keep it in the fridge and only lasts a few weeks before spoiling, which is a draw back, but my skin feels amazing. My mom, whose skin is dryer than mine and more aged, also loved it. It smells like calming lavender and feels good on. It made my skin feel amazingly soft and clean, and it looks a lot brighter. The best part is that after I cleaned it off I didn't feel that tightness you usually feel after cleaning your face, and left a very moisturized feel. The immediate difference I noticed also lasted days after use. This is something I will be using over and over. I hope I feel the same about the hair stuff I bought once I use it. We'll find out soon...!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thanks FabSugar!
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Pencil Me In

This outfit is probably the best example of how classic and basic pieces/silhouettes can still make an interesting and unique outfit when put together with some funky accessories. Pairing a basic and uber soft white cotton t-shirt with a below the knee pencil skirt is simple, but putting a leather jacket over it all toughens it up. Add some tough hardware, like a big belt and chunky necklace, and some fun shoes, and you have a look that's taken up a notch.

T-shirt: Forever 21. Skirt: Many Belles Down via Ambiance SF. Jacket: Gap. Booties: Schuler & Sons. Sunglasses: Ray- Ban. Necklace: World Market. Belt: Vintage. Bag: H&M. Bracelets: Vintage and Banana Republic.

I also just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone that has followed, or even visited my blog. Your interest in something I am passionate about means a lot and pushes me to keep trying new outfit combos to share with you all. This blog is still a work in progress, and I'm trying to find my footing, but to see it grow in the few months I've had it is amazing and it is all because of you guys. So, thank you!!! Pin It

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caught in Suspension

It was a GORGEOUS Sunday today, so my mom and I strolled (and shopped) in the Marina. It was seriously such a beautiful day. I thought I had dressed for the weather, but it was much hotter than expected. Anyways, I love the suspenders on my shorts and the bold shoulders on the blouse. It's the little quirks in life that put a smile on my face.

Top: Anthropologie. Shorts w/suspenders: Forever 21. Booties: Schuler & Sons. Sunglasses: Ray Bans. Necklace: Gifted. Bag: H&M.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Nature Walk

Impromptu exploring can sometimes leave you not so prepared for things to come. Today my mom and I decided to stop by the Legion of Honor to take in some of the best views of the bay. Unfortunately, we weren't prepared for the hike that comes with the views, so because of our choice of outfits we decided to do what we could and come back Sunday a bit more prepared. I do have to say that while my outfit wasn't functional, the colors totally fit in with the nature around us.

Jacket: Marshall's. Sweater: Nordstrom's Rack. Blouse: Anthropologie. Jeans: Forever 21. Booties. Schuler & Sons. Scarf: DIY. Sunglasses: Ray- Ban. Bag: H&M.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Urban Chic

My mom is in town for several days, so what else to do than shop till we drop? We went downtown today and didn't even finish the list of stores we wanted to check out. If I never knew where my shopping habits came from I do now. The weather has been weird lately. Even though it's sunny, an icy breeze cuts straight through your clothes to chill your bones. Layering is key; how can you say no to an awesome chunky knit as a top layer?

Sweater: J. Crew. Blouse: Jaloux. Jeans: Gap. Booties: Coclico. Hat: Forever 21. Necklace: Gifted. Octopus cuff: Gifted. Bracelet: Vintage. Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Bag: H&M.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Last night was so incredibly foggy that when you looked outside it had looked like it rained. That's what a real SF Fall night will do. So of course I had to wear my dress that I think is the perfect representation of autumn. Its brown shade and floral pattern reminds me of fallen leaves, and it just makes me want to sit by a fire with some hot chocolate :)

Cropped Trench: Nordstrom Rack. Dress: Anthropologie. Legging: Forever 21. Socks: H&M. Boots: Corso Como. Necklace, Bracelet & Belt: Vintage. Bag: H&M.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Faithful

This dress is really nothing special. It has a significantly noticeable hole right there in the front, it's a few sizes too big, is a faded green color, and I've had it for waaayyy too long, but I still manage to hold onto it and wear it often. I don't know what it is about this dress, but when I cant think of what to wear I throw this on and layer/accessorize around it, and I always feel satisfied.

Jacket & Sweater: Anthropologie. Dress: Jeremy's ($2!). Booties: Coclico. Scarf: World Market. Belt: Anthropologie. Tights: H&M. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Bag: H&M.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Repeat Offender

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing!

Here's another hot weather look that may seem familiar. I seem to have fallen into a hot weather uniform that involves a slouchy tank tucked into a midi skirt, and since I have only so many items to make various combinations of said pieces, I am officially a repeat offender. If you remember correctly, the last time I took pictures of this skirt it was in front of the same wall. I blame the heat for my lack of creativity. At least I tried something new with my booties? Gimme a break here...!

Tank: Forever 21. Skirt: Anthropologie. Booties: Coclico. Necklace: Vintage. Belt: Vintage. Bag: H&M. Sunglasses: Ray- Ban. Socks: Marshalls.

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