Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer Tweed

I know you probably read the title of this post and thought "Tweed in the Summer time. No way." Yes way. As an accent of course! I've always been drawn to pieces that have a little something special, and in this case my skirt has tweed outlining the waist and button line down the front. It makes this new purchase the perfect Summer to Fall transition piece. It's super hot here right now so I kept accessories to a minimum, make-up to a minimum, hair up in a bun, and layers light and barely there.

Tank: Forever 21. Skirt: Anthropologie. Shoes: Miss Albright. Necklace: Anthropologie. Belt: Vintage. Bag: H&M. Sunglasses: Ray Bans.

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  1. I saw this skirt on another blogger recently and now I see it on you and it just makes me want to run out and grab one of my own! I was never really interested in this skirt but you look so fabulous in it that I might start to obsess over it. You are right about the front buttons, I love them! BTW, how tall are you (so I can get a sense of the length)?

  2. Oh thank you! It's a fantastic skirt, who was the other blogger? I'd love to see it?

    I'm just south of 5'8" and 125. I'm usually a 0, but went with a 2 in the skirt.

  3. That skirt is awesome! And accented in tweed...amazing!!! Anthropolgie can make some fab stuff. Have an awesome day! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim