Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DIY: Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Polish!
This is the fun project that I mentioned I tried last night. It took a long time to do so make sure you have peed before hand (I had problems with this as I have a tiny bladder), will not be hungry in the next hour or so, and have some water or soda by your side to keep your self hydrated in moments of frustration! I'm just kidding, it's not that intense, once you get the hang of it.
Materials: You will need a disposable cup filled with ROOM TEMPERATURE water. Nail polish remover. Plenty of Q-tips and paper towels. At least 3 different colors of nail polish. Tape. And a needle or toothpick.

-Start off with white nails. (you can choose another color as your base coat, but white helps the colors pop.)
-Tape around your nail to help with less clean up.
- Begin to drop nail polish colors in the water one at a time to make a bulls eye pattern. Continue doing this until the polish does not spread anymore (2 cycles at least). I find it easy to just let one drop of polish fall into the water off the brush.
- Once you have your bulls eye, take your tooth pick or needle and draw in a pattern.
- When you are satisfied with the pattern pick a spot and dump you nail on top that spot and into/ through the water.
-Keep your finger submerged and blow on the polish remaining at the top of the water.
-Use you toothpick or needle to clean up the polish.

- Remove your nail from the water and peel off the tape. Clean up around the nail bed with nail polish remover and a Q-tip.
-Repeat 9 more times.
Right Hand
Left hand
I know that these pics and instructions may leave you with questions. I wish I was able to take more pics of the process but with wet nails it's very hard to do. So I recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube. Just search "Water Marble Nails". Here is one I like.

Will you try this at home? Send me some pics, I'd love to see the patterns you came up with!
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  1. HAHA! That is so neat! Your nails look beautiful. I've never seen anything like that before! TWO THUMBS UP for you!!! Super creative!:D

  2. Oh haha thanks! It's not 100% my creativity though :-/ Glad you enjoyed the post!