Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm gonna be honest with you here, I did not wear the following outfit today. I haven't even worn this in the past week. This is something I wore when I was back in LA that I just haven't posted yet. So why did I post this now? Because I wish I was wearing this now. The sun and weather are teasing me. One minute it's sunny and hot, the next it's overcast and freezing. This fickle weather is messing with my mood and I think I'm coming down with a case of SAD. So, if the weather decided to stay nice and warm I would wear this. If not, I have plenty of newly acquired sweaters in cool colors that I would love to sport. You hear me San Francisco???

Dress: Forever 21. Vest: Gap. Belt: Forever 21. Shoes: Everybody by B.Z. Moda. Necklace: Vintage. Bag: Lucky Penny.

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  1. love the retro pattern of the dress! very cute

    love from San Francisco,


  2. Really cute! Love the whole outfit, it goes together really nice!

  3. Love the layering! Very chic!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim