Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Currently Craving: Warm Staples

I know San Francisco's "Indian Summer" is on its way. At least I hope it is. September, October, and sometimes even into November San Francisco hits very high temperatures and constant sunshine, which I cannot wait for. But being a bonafide San Franciscan means that I am always on the lookout for new, chic outerwear, and this season's batch is looking like it's going to be irresistible. I'm loving the different swingy silhouettes for coats, and leather accents on cold weather accessories. Lately I have also been thinking that it may be time for me to sift through my closet to get rid of older things to make room for some young adult/professional pieces. I've graduated and while I am currently comfortable with the jobs I do have, soon it will be time for me to not only apply to graduate programs, but also apply to some "big girl" type jobs. Below are a few things that are currently on my wish list, that I think will fit the bill for a more professional type look.

(Don't worry though, my personal style will always remain a bit funky and quirky...patterned tights and all)

This coat is amazing because of its shape. It's unique, and because it is made of a heavy fabric you know it will keep you warm through the coldest winter while making you look stylish and put-together. It is very different than anything I own, and have owned, but I am looking to add more grown up pieces to my wardrobe, and I think outerwear is a good place to start.

Here is another coat with a fantastic silhouette. It's much more tame than the H&M one, and cheaper, but it is also made of a less luxurious fabric. I personally am a fan of the darker color, and contrast belt and piping.I can see this fitting in with my closet perfectly, while also being a great grown up closet transitional piece.
I LOVE these gloves. All I can say is I need them. They are perfect.
This isn't necessarily cold weather appropriate on it's own but I can see this as a great transitional piece. During the "summer" this would be great with shorts and skirts, and as it gets colder you can pair them with jeans, tights and skirts, and maybe even some knitted socks on the coldest of days. They are a little girly, a little grungy, and a whole lot of cute. This may not be grown up wear, but hey, I'm still young ;)
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