Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Currently Craving: Jeffrey Campbell

Today I had a wonderful outing with a good friend that involved great conversation, great food, and great "window shopping". I'll have a post about the outing later, but while we were shopping I found a pair of shoes I fell in love with, and when I fall in love with things I become obsessed. So here is what I am currently craving.
These are the shoes I fell in love with. Too bad I have forced myself into a strict budget/shopping ban.
I came home and decided to see if I could find these shoes on sale. No such luck, but I found more shoes I now crave.
I have a pair of old (3 years) Jeffrey Campbell oxfords that I refuse to get rid of even though they are close to complete and total destruction. Maybe these can replace them?
These are not my style at all. The super high platfrom and chunkiness of the shoe overall would be overwhelming on my chicken legs. I, however, do like the burgundy tone to it and the tapestry pattern. Seems a little vintage and a lot modern all at once.
Again these may not be my style but I do like the woven leather. It's a tough girl look. Maybe if I get these they will become my style...

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