Friday, July 8, 2011


I love the idea of wearing bright colors for the summer! It's festive, adds to the warm and bright feel of the season, and it just is fun. We have all seen color blocking become the #1 trend for the Spring and Summer season, but I just want to briefly go over some of the colors of this season that I believe would also be great for the upcoming Fall season.


One of my absolute favorite shades that is unfortunately lacking in my closet at the moment. While in the summer it pairs beautifully with other colors, like mustard, I think in the Fall emerald would match wonderfully with burgundy, navy and rich chocolate browns as well as the basic black and grey.

Rusts and Reds:

We have seen these colors every where, and they are a little difficult to pull off for everyone (especially bright cherry red) but I think they bring a certain edge to any outfit. I can see these pairing well with dark forest greens and browns in the Fall. Grey is also a great match.


The brightest and warmest color of them all. While in the Summer this color basically represents the sun and warmth, in the Fall this would pair well with rich browns, navy, dark purple, burgundy, and black and white patterns (especially stripes).

I hope that this inspires you to add a pop of color to your outfit on even the coldest, dreariest Fall day.

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