Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Celebrity Style: Andre 3000

I know that I mainly focus on women's fashion on PostGradChic, but for this edition of Celebrity Style, I wanted to focus on a very stylish man- Andre 3000. While there are plenty of celebrity women that have their own unique style and taste, none tread the line of costume-ish and everyday wear quite like Andre 3000. His style seems like it's from a different era, and yet it maintains a modern aesthetic. He plays with colors, materials, and patterns like a pro, and knows his style so well. He exudes confidence with every look, and while his style may not be suited for most, I admire is understanding of fashion, and wish more men were as daring and experimental as he is when it comes to putting on clothing in the morning.

With John Legend
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  1. I totally agree! I sometimes forget that men do have a lot of options besides polo shirts and jeans. :) He is the perfect example of that. I kind of want to borrow a few of his items too!

  2. Oh me too! Especially that plaid blazer in the second pic!!