Friday, October 19, 2012


I've gotten a few e-mails about what my makeup routine is. Now, I'm no make-up expert, and stick to the same look, just amplified for different occasions, so I thought a brief run down of my favorite products would be fun!

For day I like to keep things light. I love Maybelline's BB Cream, and think it's a great alternative to tinted moisturizer. Since I get oily, Maybelline's Fit powder keeps shine at bay. For blush, I go back to Maybelline for the Dream Bounce Blush. I really am a fan of Maybelline products! Quality without the cost. Benefit's They're Real Mascara is a new find, and it works wonders! I love Poppy King's Lipstick Queen line, and Medieval gives the best, just bitten, natural lip tint.

Coco getting a close-up.

For night, the look I usually go for is basically the same. I swap out the BB Cream for Maybelline's Fit foundation, and add Benefit's Erase Paste for extra coverage. I go heavier on the eyeliner, and add some highlighter. My go to lip color for night is Poppy King for J. Crew. It's the perfect Red Coral color, and you see me wearing it often here.

Lipsticks are my weakness, and I love trying out new brands and colors. I have an assortment of Reds (left) Corals (middle) and Pinks (right).

Left: Poppy King Medieval, Poppy King for J. Crew, Poppy King Saint Red, Bite Tannin. 
Middle: MAC Vegas Volt, Topshop Whimsical, Revlon Coral.
Right: Wet n Wild It's a Girl, Covergirl Fairytale, Bourjois Rose Croisette

I hope that answered some questions!
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  1. Great selection of makeup!!
    They're real mascara is amazing!!!
    Your lipsticks look so nice that they make want to go buy some :D

    1. That mascara is a life changer! I got my mom hooked on it, too! I'm obsessed with different bold lip colors, if you haven't noticed already ;)

  2. I tend to focus on eyes rather than lips, but the Poppy King for J. Crew color was PHENOMENAL.
    xo Josie

    1. I KNOW!!! I'm so so sad I didn't buy an extra tube or two. I scour amazon for it all the time :D