Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throw A Belt On It

It must look like I live on a different planet than the rest of the world because of the umbrella present in the pictures. I swear, these are as current as earlier this week! Trust me, I'm pretty sick of it too! Since I'm so tired of silhouettes being drowned out by layer after layer, in this outfit, I decided to wear one shirt, a thick coat over it for warmth, and cinched it at the waist with a belt, to show that yes, there is a waist under all the layers! Of course, I had to incorporate a little pattern play there, and what could possibly be the worst shoe option for rainy weather, ever!

Have a great weekend!

Coat: Rag & Bone. Shirt: Bass. Jeans: Uniq. Shoes: Charles Jourdan.

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  1. You're adorable! I'm sorry about the weather, believe me, it's rainy over here too. Can't wait for summer to ACTUALLY start hahaha
    Cute outfit :) I really like the jacket!!

  2. Considering that the weather sucks, you are still looking incredibly chic! In love with that coat and it looks amazing with the red jeans and neutral shoes! :)

    Take care and wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Daniella xox