Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trend-Spotting: Caring where your clothes come from.

I have a trend-spotting post that is a little different for you all today. It's about transparency. I've known about for a while now, but just this past week, I was able to meet and speak with the CEO about why Everlane exists. What I learned had me begin questioning where my clothing comes from. Just a note, this post is not sponsored in anyway, this is my opinion 100%.

We live in a time where fast fashions are the majority of what we buy and wear. This also means most of us don't know where our clothes come from, and who made them. Everlane exposes all of this with each product they create. You know the factory, and even better you know the cost of making each design. As of now they carry basics, that they define as something anyone would wear now, and 20 years from now. Think quality tees, silk blouses, and great travel bags. 

Why I wanted to let you guys know about this great company, is because it has me second guessing the way I shop for clothing; mainly basics. Next time I want a silk blouse, or a new belt, I'll be going to Everlane versus the nearest big retailer. I can't promise I would think this way about every purchase, especially of the moment trend pieces, but at least I know the items I plan on wearing for years to come, came from a good place, and for a fair price.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this label with us, sounds like wonderfully refreshing way to shop! I'm of to check it out now :)

    Take care and enjoy your week,
    Daniella xox