Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY: Cap-Toe Shoes

So I just recently discussed the super trendy cap-toe shoe here on Post Grad Chic. I also may have mentioned that while I am a huge fan of the trend, I wasn't going to invest in a pair. Here is why! These shoes are super easy to make if you have a the right materials... and by that I mean a pair of shoes you are willing to get experimental with. If you don't have a pair, but still want to try and make these, here are some affordable options: 1, 2, 3

What you need:
  1. A pair of patent shoes. (I find that the glossy texture makes this a whole lot easier, and quicker to do)
  2. Scotch tape.
  3. Nail polish. If you are using a lighter color against a darker shoe, or a sheer/pastel polish, I recommend a white polish as a base too. 
That's it.

So first you will need to line you shoes up, and decide how far up you want the cap to go. Tape accordingly.

Start painting. You don't need this layer to be perfect because you will do a second coat, and a third if need be. If you are using a white base coat, you may want to be a little more perfect with that just to have a nice base.

Let one shoe dry while you start on the other. By the time the second shoe is done, your first shoe should be dry enough for it's next coat. I stopped at two, but my polish was pretty dark, so it's up to you.

Let them dry, then peel off the tape. I didn't need to put a top coat on my pair since it was glossy enough, but if you want to, then do that before you peel the tape off.

And voila! Cap-toe shoes made super easy, and super cheap! Will you try this, or go out and buy a pair?

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  1. so cute! i've been seeing this DIY on the blogosphere a bit lately. so glad you let us in on the secret! yours came out great!

  2. Loving them sweetie!!! Great job on your shoes :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  3. Brilliant!


  4. I will most def have to try, thanks for sharing.

  5. just stumbled upon your blog and I am soo so so excited to do this to some flats. :) new follower!

  6. Aimee- Thanks! I did these a while ago, and just waited on the post, but it seems as though people got to it first :-/

    Daniella- Thanks so much, dear!

    Ashely- Thanks!

    Eelsayasi- No problem! I'm glad you liked it!

    Ashley- Thanks so much Ashley! I'm also super glad you liked and followed my blog!!

  7. This is brilliant! I love that the nial polish gives it a patent-leather like sheen.

  8. i like how you use nail-polish for the cap toes! I mentioned this link in my blog post here:

    thanks for the idea!


  9. Sherm,

    These came out so super cute! Love the DIY. You are one awesomely stylish lady.