Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Currently Craving: Birthday Dress

My 23rd birthday is officially in one week!!! It's not a milestone birthday or anything like that, but I'm excited to see all my friends in one place for a night. I'm not doing anything too extravagant; just a nice dinner with my favorite people, and maybe a bar afterwards. Pretty simple and low-key. I don't think I'm going to buy a "birthday" dress, I have plenty I could wear, but there a few dresses have caught my eye as possibilities for the occasion. These dresses are also things I would wear through the holiday season and into New Year's Eve.

This dress is simple but the velvet takes it up a notch. The navy color and sheen from the fabric makes it easy to pile on different colored accessories. I would pair this with bold jewelry everywhere and a sexy pair of patterned tights like these. Best of all it's warm!
I like the pattern on this dress, and I don't have a dress with this silhouette. I would wear this with a bold necklace, this belt, thick wool tights, and booties.

This dress is the quite party dress! It's beautiful, and I would feel amazing wearing it. Since it's so standout you would hardly need to accessorize. Simple smoky eye make-up, black tights, and a great pair of pumps would perfectly accent this dress.

This is the ultimate special occasion dress! No one can do embellishments better than AllSaints. Actually no one can do a lot of things better than them. I would initially buy this for New Year's, but my birthday is pretty special, and so is this dress, so it's a match made in heaven. Like the dress above, I would keep accessories to a bare minimum.
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