Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Hunt is Complete?

This hunt for a leather jacket has taken forever, hasn't it? I feel like I've seen a thousand of them by now. I know I've tried on about 20, none of which I liked, obviously, and I've browsed a ton more. So, is the hunt complete? I'm not sure yet but I really do hope so. Taking reader advice from this post I decided that I definitely should go for something different so this is what I have landed on...

After attempting to hunt these guys down in store so I could try them on, with no success, I finally decided to just order both from Gap's website to see which will fit best and look great.

I like the camel colored one a lot for it's cut and color. I saw this in person and the leather is buttery soft and oh so pretty. The light color makes is more casual and versatile which is ok with me, and I see it pairing beautifully with rich burgundies, purples, emeralds and patterns in the fall.

The black one on the other hand is edgy, which is my favorite part about it. The panel style front is a flattering cut that can be worn open, closed, and folded down. A black leather jacket is also a staple piece in any wardrobe, and that is what I am missing. So, I'm waiting for their arrival (curse you 7-9 day free shipping!) and hopefully one of these guys is my new leather jacket. What do you all think? Any particular jacket stand out for you as a clear representative of my personal style?
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  1. I love both of them! The first one seems more traditionally classic, yet I do see the second one being able to withstand the test of time too. I also can see you wearing both perfectly! I guess, for now, just hope one is way better once you try them on? Good luck!

  2. the black one is awesome!! so hard to find a good leather jacket!

  3. Thanks guys for your opinions. It IS hard finding a good leather jacket. It's such an investment. I guess I am going to have to see which one just blows me away once I try them on. They are $300 each! It had better be perfect!

  4. Hey I just saw that GAP is having 50% off in their stores only for tomorrow...maybe you can get a discount for it!