Friday, May 25, 2012

Foodies: Shanghai Dumpling King

Shanghai Dumpling King, located on 34th and Balboa, in the Outer Richmond District, has to be my favorite Chinese food restaurant ever. The unassuming look of the place does not hint at the fact that there are culinary treasures to be discovered here. Below are a few of my must have dishes, if you ever visit.

Sauteed String Beans: Salty-garlicky goodness.

Potsticker: Juicy and crispy all at once.

Shanghai Dumplings (soup dumplings): What they are most known for, these little guys are an explosion in your mouth, literally, and I crave them on a weekly basis.

Sugar egg puffs: The perfect, light and fluffy dessert to end the meal with.

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  1. Looks so yummy! Pictures of food always leaves me hungry!

    1. Me too, that's why I can't look at food blogs!

    2. me too! and now I have to go to the kitchen ... ;)

  2. yummy =) suddenly, I'm starving =)

  3. Just moved to San Fran, so I will have to go try it!