Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trend-Spotting: Denim Vests

Since the temperatures are getting warmer, and Summer is fast approaching, I wanted to direct you all to the denim vest. It's the perfect easy to wear topper, much like the denim jacket, but cooler for the warmest of days. The vest adds just a touch of edge, and casual to any look. While anyone can think of a number of ways to throw this on for casual days out, I wanted to show you a more pulled together look using a denim vest. The look below can be worn for a date night, a girls night out, or even in a creative/casual office environment. Will you rock the denim vest?

Trend Spotting: Denim Vests

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  1. Great post sweetie!! I was just checking out a denim best in topshop th other day and thought it would be a great veritie piece. I really like how Kate is wearing hers :)

    Take care,Damiella xox