Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Carpet Round-Up: Met Gala 2012

I may be a few days late, but I had to share my favorite ensembles from the Met Gala, that happened this past Monday. The Met may be considered the Oscars of the East Coast, but since it is a celebration of Fashion, I think it's way bigger, so attendees need to bring their A-game... and then some. There were some lovely gowns on beautiful ladies that night, and some not so lovely ones, but below I decided to share my top 4.

I honestly don't know how Camilla gets her invites to events like these, because other than being in a Disney movie a decade ago, and briefly dating a Jonas Brother, I don't know what she does. What I can say though, is that she always looks great; so her publicist and stylist are amazing. Here she is wearing a beautifully fitting beaded Ralph Lauren gown. She paired it with a dainty silver clutch, diamond bracelet, and gorgeous drop earrings. The gown itself is not avant-garde, but her vampy make-up lends to the feel, and I thought she looked Met appropriate. I also need the dress... NOW!

Rooney Mara is all about the dramatic black gown, and she really did bring the drama. The sheerness is an inch away from danger zone, but the dress is so beautiful, and she is so chic and classy, that I can forgive her. She didn't accessorize, and wore simple, yet beautiful makeup, letting the gorgeous gown shine. I'm all about it.

Kristen Dunst got a lot of hate for wearing this ensemble. Some said it aged her, others said it was plain ugly. I happen to love it. It speaks to her quirky and daring style sense, fits her well, and is event appropriate. The Met has been all about being your most daring in style, so this is perfect. It's retro, cool, and stood out in a sea of beautiful, yet seen before, get-ups. I applaud her for taking a risk and wearing this!

Oh, Diane. A woman after my own heart. I hate feathers on gowns for the most part, but she made it work. Beyonce should take note. The color of this gown is gorgeous, and I love the contrast of the gold in her jewelry, and pink in her clutch. I'm so happy she wore something with this silhouette; which is still sexy without being body skimming. The best part is that in such a dramatic and statement making outfit, she wore simple hair and make-up, lending to her laid back, effortless sense of style. This may be my absolute favorite of the night.

What look was your favorite of the event? Am I missing anyone I should have mentioned? Have a happy Friday, and great weekend!

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  1. I loved Camille's look as well as Rooney Mara's! Great post :)

  2. Camille looks unbelievable, I love Dunst look and Rooney Mara is beautiful x Great top choices x

  3. My fave looks were : January Jones in her Versace dress,Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan, Karolina Kurkova and Dianna Agron