Monday, January 9, 2012

The Grove Cafe at Yerba Buena

If you're looking for a semi-healthier, and more substantial meal option while you're shopping in Union Square, The Grove Cafe will hit the spot. Tired of fast food, and food court lunches, Jessica and I decided to explore and see what else was in the area, and The Grove Cafe did not disappoint. I'm a sucker for a good chicken pot pie, and they had just that. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it!

Chicken Pot Pie

Side Salad: Mixed greens with a tasty vinaigrette.

Jessica's pick: BLT. I had a bite - so good!
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  1. Ohhh that pot pie looks good. I have been to Union Square many time but somehow managed to miss this amazing cafe you mentioned. Definitely will check it out next time I am passing by Union Square.

    Especially now that my resolution is to eat healthier. great timing.

  2. I wouldn't say it's healthy, but it is healthier than most options around there. It's tucked away on Mission St., so you may miss it, but do try and find it! So good!

  3. That CPP looks colossal! I was dying to know what it looked like on the inside. But then again, who cares, the outside looks so crusty and delicious as is!

  4. Jenn- I was SO hungry that by the time I realized I should have taken a picture of the inside, it was all gone. Next time...

  5. looks super yummy!