Monday, January 30, 2012

Red Carpet Round-Up: 2012 SAG Awards

Ah, how I love awards season. I love looking at how different celebrities (and celebrity stylists) interpret their style on the Red Carpet. Here I have some eye candy from the 2012 SAG Awards. I have to be honest, I really was not impressed with what I saw. There were some pretty gowns, but nothing really made me think, "Wow that is BRILLIANT!" Below I have my three favorite looks from the night. Each of the looks had a stand out element in them, so they stood out the most, for me.

LOOK at the color!! It's beautiful. No one can do color like Oscar, and in a sea of neutral, but pretty gowns, Emily's gown stood out and screamed, "Look at me!" The fit is excellent, and she accessorized perfectly with some fun bangles, a sparkly clutch, and equally sparkly shoes. Her makeup was perfectly natural, and her hair pulled up casually, so the dress really could stand out.

Another great look from Emma Stone, who is quickly becoming a Red Carpet favorite. What I love about her look is that it is equally as glam as any floor length gown, but its tea length stands out, and is special. Her ring is also amazingly fierce, and adds so much edge to a sweet, but dark, look.

Jayma Mays is always cute and put together on the red carpet, but she hasn't really ever stolen the show. However, I think last night's look really stood out. The navy color, and all over embellishment is fantastic. The cut, though conservative, is different, and beautiful. What really did it for me is the sweet, and sexy, lace back. The dress would have been beautiful without it, or even if it was just cut out, but the addition of lace gives another element to the whole look. Her hair, makeup, and accessories compliment the look wonderfully, and I think she looks amazing.

Who do you think stole the show? Anyone you'd like to add to the list?
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