Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Green Fuzzy Monster

The weather today was disgusting. It was so misty and foggy that it was pretty much like it was raining, except instead of it falling straight down to the ground, it hangs out in your face. I'm not a fan. I haven't been able to break out this coat due to the unusually drier and warmer Fall/Winter we have been having, but I'd like to introduce you to my big green fuzzy monster coat. This thing is my go to all weather coat. It's ridiculously warm, and it is surprisingly water proof. The best part, and my favorite part, is that it has a giant hood. It's perfect for feeling snuggly on a particularly dreary day.

Coat: Anthropologie. Sweater: Anthropologie. Tank: Wet Seal. Jeans: Gap. Socks: H&M. Shoes: Rachel Comey. Belt: Vintage. Bag: Anthropologie.

I'll be in Lake Tahoe for New Year's Eve, and for a day or two after, and although there is no snow, I'm looking forward to the quick getaway. I'm wishing you all a happy, safe, and fun New Year's! And if you're stumped on what to wear, check out this post for some inspiration :) Pin It


  1. Great colors! :-)

    Karin D. from

  2. That coat is awesome! It's such a weird mix of colors, but it's very flattering on you.

  3. gosh i really adore that lace sweater & plaid coat! those are amazing!! great boots too :)

    adorable look indeed ♥

    happy new year bytheway
    xoxo, Izzaura

  4. I love this outfit!!! Especially your top!!

    Hope you have a Great New Years!!! Daniella xox

  5. Thank you everyone! Happy New year to you all!

  6. This looks like such a cozy coat! I'm loving your sweater too! Happy New Year!

  7. I love how you paired the knit sweater with the flannel jacket!