Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dress Up: Blue Jeans & White T

I've been getting a few e-mails as of late asking me how I go about dressing up my casual looks so I don't look too fancy, or too casual/sloppy. First off, I'd like to thank you all for those e-mails, because it's mighty flattering. Secondly, I thought this would turn into a rather fun post, so if there are any other inquiries, shoot them my way because I'd love to turn this into a series!

So here we go; how to dress up your basics. I decided a white t-shirt and blue jeans would be the best base. We all have them, and we all love them. You just want to make sure the fit is there. If you're wearing a baggy shirt, like me, make sure the jeans counter that and are fitted. If your shirt is fitted, experiment with a boyfriend cut, or flare. Or go fitted both ways, to each their own :)

Outfit 1- Base:
T-shirt: Forever 21. Jeans: Zara. Shoes: TOM'S.

The easiest way to dress something up is to add some nicer accessories. I thought a bold necklace, some bracelets, and comfy yet chic flats were the way to go. I love the chain detailing on the flats around my ankle; it adds just a little bit of uniqueness to the look.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Necklace: Banana Republic. Bracelets: Vintage. Shoes: Gap.

The next step you could take is to add some color to the look. A patterned scarf, and bright purple cardigan are light and easy layers you can throw on. They still add visual interest with the fun pops of color.

Scarf: World Market. Cardigan: Anthropologie.

You could also go the edgier route with little effort as well. Throwing on a leather jacket, or any moto inspired jacket of your choice, and funky booties will immediately transform your jeans and tee. I added a hat, funky sunnies, and a scarf for my own personal taste/touch.

Hat: Pendleton. Sunglasses: Vintage. Scarf: World Market. Booties: Rachel Comey.

Jeans and a white tee are so versatile, you could even dress them up to meet friends for happy hour drinks and appetizers. A boyfriend style blazer, fun necklace, sleek clutch, and cute heels can transform your basics into a flirty/fun outfit. I put my hair up in a messy pony tail, and added some red lipstick to pull the look together.

Necklace: World Market. Blazer: Anthropologie. Clutch: Gifted. Shoes: Miss Albright.

And if you want to take the extra step; I'm a fan of belting my blazer just to add a little more to the look.

Belt: Vintage.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed doing it. It was the ultimate dress up day, and I also learned how far jeans and a white t-shirt can go, because I could have added at least 10 more looks. So go out there looking great and being comfy at the same time!! And if you want to see similar posts just contact me and I'd love to do another post!
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  1. You have TONS of style.......great tips, thank you!!!♥

  2. Love this post and all the ideas you have for jeans and a white T. You look great in all the looks. My favorite is the colorful scarf with the purple cardigan.

  3. wow!! such a good job explaining this visually. Thanks<3

  4. Thank you guys! I had a really fun time doing this post, and I liked adding a different, style related, element to the blog, so keep those inquiries coming!

  5. This is a great post! I recently picked up a lightweight white top that will serve as an awesome blank canvas. I love what you did here with all the looks. I'm especially digging the looks with the scarves.

  6. Really really great tips! I love this post, you did an amazing job showing the different styles that can be accomplished - even though I do love just the basic white tee and blue jeans with no added accessories!

  7. Thanks Jenn. I can't wait to see how you style your blouse!

    Cassidy, you're right, a white tee and jeans is always a classic :)

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