Saturday, February 18, 2012

Packing Light

I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning because I'm headed to VEGAS!!! I can't describe how excited I am. It'll be my first time going with friends, not family, so a new perspective of Sin City is much anticipated. I thought it would be fun to share my attempt at packing light with you all. If you don't know, I'm a terrible packer, but only because I hate having to anticipate what to wear. Most of the time I pack as much as I can for options, but I couldn't do that this time since all I'm bringing is a carry-on :(
Since I'm only going to be there Sunday morning through Tuesday afternoon I didn't have to pack much, which is great. I thought two dresses for evenings out was perfect. I added black, and patterned tights for options. I also have my trusty cord leggings and a nice blouse for one day outfit, and a simple jersey dress and warm wool tights for another. I threw in a simple t-shirt, green tank, long cardi, and my leather jacket just to add some more options. I tried to keep everything in a neutral color palette to help with the versatility of items.

Clockwise from bottom left: White one-shouldder dress: American Apparel. Tights: H&M. Cords: Anthropologie. Silk Blouse: Anthropologie. Tights: H&M. Long cardi: Anthropologie. Leather Jacket: Michael Kors. Tank: Forever 21. T-shirt: Radiohead Concert T. Jersey Dress: Anthropologie. Strapless Dress: Betsey Johnson.

For shoes I thought three pairs was a good idea. The Tom's are for on the plane and walking around a lot (comfort is key). The ballet flats are for the day if we end up deciding to go somewhere nicer. They are still comfortable to walk around in later on. The heels are obviously for going out at night, and go perfectly with not only the dresses, but everything else I packed, just in case.

Left-Right: TOMS, Gap, Miss Albright

For all of my cosmetic and skincare necessities I threw them all in a giant baggie. TSA rules say so... What helped me here is that I keep my sample containers from Lush, so I can put just the amount I need for all my products in the little pots and throw them in. I divided my make-up into 2 smaller bags, for sanitary purposes.

And voila! I think I did a good job. Oh! I also threw in my scarf as well.
Do you guys have any advice for me? I'd love to improve on my packing abilities. Let me know!!

I hope the rest of everyone's weekend goes well. Have a happy Monday, and I'll see you here Tuesday!
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  1. It looks like you did a great job! I always make sure to carry my jewelry and toothbrush in my carry on bag... just to make sure nothing gets taken and if there are any delays in the airport I'll have my toothbrush just in case... oh my cell phone charger too!

    have fun!


  2. Ooo have an amazing time!! Sounds like you have packed perfectly for your trip,need to get me some Tom's :)

    Take care and have a great time,Daniella xox

  3. I hope you enjoy!

    Love, Suzanne

  4. my best advice wud be to "ROLL" ur clothes. i cudn make out from the pics if u already did. if u dont, this might sound like a silly trick dat doesn really help , but trust me AND JUST GIVE IT A SHOT!

    n then like u mentioned, i take sample sizes of all my toilettories and perfumes. don wana break any of ma perfume botles! n wrap each of ur shoe in a seperate bag for hygiene reasons.. :) HAVE FUNN!!

  5. I definitely can use these tips in the packing light department. Im taking!


    Tamara B.