Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cheap Chic

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I won't be participating in the celebrations this year, since I'll be at work. It may have been a different story if the Niners made it, though.
I wore this outfit a few days ago, and it's a favorite in my book. I found this dress at Forever 21 for just a few bucks, and I can see it easily becoming a closet staple. I even went back for another color. The fit, and length of this dress is perfect for almost any occasion. Here I dressed it up for a Winter night out in North Beach. The sweater is another sale find and I love how it perfectly layers and matches with my leather jacket. Some outfits just fall into place perfectly :)

Leather Jacket: Gap. Sweater: Banana Republic. Dress: Forever 21. Boots: Rachel Comey. Necklace: Banana Republic. Bag: Anthropologie.

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  1. This outfit is great. Love the long dress with the tall boots.

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  2. That dress is a great length. Did you get it recently? I might have to check them out. :) Great bag too. Love the detailing. <3


  3. Thank you, Collections!

    Toni- I did get it just this past week. They had a bunch on a sale rack. I went online to see if they had more colors than what was in-store, but couldn't find it online. Good luck finding it! It's worth it. And thank you :)

  4. Yes that dress is perfect! Love how you styled it with the longer length boots and the chic layering with your sweater and leather jacket! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. You look cozy, warm, and stylish!

    xoxo Maria


  6. Daniella- Thank you! I like the hemline with the boots as well- I need more skirts like this now! And more boots! Haha

    Maria- Thank so much! Always have to be cozy in SF :/