Monday, June 4, 2012


Happy Monday everyone! This past weekend we saw one day of sunlight, and mild temperatures, so I had to bust out a bright pair of shorts, and new flirty shoes, even though I was still a bit chilly. I am so jealous of all these other bloggers, and all of you who are beginning to experience a real summer. I'll be here posing in Winter worthy outfits for the next few months, until August rolls around and San Francisco sees it's "Summer." I mean... it's raining today... no fun.

Blazer, Blouse, Shorts, and Shoes: Anthropologie (that's a lot). Bag: Vintage.

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  1. Love this outfit! I'm from England and it's chucking it down and it's cold!
    Love Coco x x

    1. Thank you! It's worse than you average June gloom this year! I packed up all of my warm coats too...